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Friends newsletter No 1 2018 

June 2018

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 Welcome to Friends of the Museum

Museum's public exhibition gallery under construction

New collection of historic AOA photographs from 1918

Who was Charles Pugh of Melbourne?

Kett Museum links up with TROVE and Google


Kett Museum Newsletter 2018 1

February 2018

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The Museum acquires a 17th C Delft "Spectacle Seller" tile 

A Francis W. Niven postcard for the Melbourne optometric practice  of E, Wood taken about 1900 and the 1897 patient record ledger of the practice added to the Museum

The Museum is to get a public exhibition gallery in 2018

Kett Museum newsletter 2017 2   

September 2017

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Joe Chakman AM joins archivists' team

New contact lens display in Schultz foyer

What did contact lenses look like 70 years ago?

You can help?

Kett Museum newslatter 2017 1 

March 2017

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Efron Library of contact lens books now on the shelves

Learn about 16th C ophthalmology in Ophthalmodouleia published in 1583, now translated to English  

The 1st edition of Helmholtz's Handbuch der Physiologischen Optik published 1867 is back from the book hospital