Video of the 91st Annual Dinner of the Optometrists Association Victoria on the occasion of the award of honorary life membership to Professor Barry Cole

Video and audio CD /
Optometrists Association Victoria
Time Period: 21st C
(Cat no. 1877 )

The clinical procedure of fitting haptic lenses

Video and audio CD /
Author: STRACHAN, John Phillip Frith
Late 1960s
John Strachan
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
(Cat no. 2045 )

In conversation with Professor Noel Brennan and Professor Bruce Evans

Video and audio CD /
Corporation: Cooper Vision Inc
Cooper Vision Inc CooperVisionTV.co
Time Period: 21st C
(Cat no. 2096 )

Quantum Episode: The Ageing Eye

Video and audio CD / Research records
Corporation: Australian Broadcasting Commission
Australian Broadcasting Commission
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
(Cat no. 2590 )

Tribute to Dr Brien Holden (mpeg-4 movie)

Video and audio CD /
American Academy of Optometry
Time Period: 21st C
(Cat no. 2710 )

Video introduction of Professor Erica Fletcher PhD, MScOptom, FAAO winner of the 2016 Glenn A Fry Award

Video and audio CD /
Corporation: Midnight Media Group
Midnight Media Group
Time Period: 21st C
(Cat no. 3172 )

Oral history about Ella Lillian May Pink

Video and audio CD /
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
(Cat no. 3502 )
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Museum History

Cyril Woodford Kett. Painting by John Nathan 1980. Cat No.8.

The Museum and Archive is named in honour of Cyril Henry Woodford Kett FBOA FSMC (1890 - 1970) who was one of the five people who signed the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Australian College of Optometry in 1939.

He was a councillor of the College from 1940 to 1970 and First Vice President 1944 to 1947. He was made an honorary life member of the College in 1954. He donated numerous items of historical interest to the College that provide the foundation of the Museum. The collection formally started in 1970.

People Who Made History

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Recent highlights in the Museum

  • IMG_0511_2.jpeg

    The opening of the Kett Museum's  Aitken Gallery by Victorian Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Anthony Carbines. From left are Honorary Archivists Colin Bates, Joe Chakman, Barry Cole, Pamela Sutton, Michael Aitken and Anthony Carbines MP, Maureen O'Keefe, CEO Australian College of Optometry.

  • 3568_D_Brass_pendant_spyglass.jpeg

    French gilt brass 5 draw spyglass (small monocular telescope) circa 1820. Foliate & floral decoration around eyepiece, ribbed casing with suspension ring. Five draw telescopic action extends the spyglass for use. Diameter: 32mm, Length closed: 15mm: extended: 40mm. Cat No 3568