Tribute to Dr Brien Holden (mpeg-4 movie)

Catalogue Number: 2710
Tribute to Dr Brien Holden (mpeg-4 movie)
Category: Video and audio CD
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: 2015
Time Period: 21st C
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: New Orleans,
Publisher/Manufacturer: American Academy of Optometry
Description Of Item: Video of a tribute to Brien Holden who died unexpectedly on July 27 2015. See Catalogue No. 2697. The tribute was held during the American Academy of Optometry annual meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA on Friday October 9 at 9 pm in the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Hotel prior to the Australia Party, a regular and popular feature of Academy meetings for many years, which Brien Holden had initiated in 1982 as a means for Academy members to meet Australians. The file is mpeg-4 816 mb, 40 minutes duration and named 'Brian (sic) Holden Tribute' and located in Documents on the main Museum computer.
Historical Significance: Professor Brien Holden (1942-2015) was a towering figure in optometry, both in Australia and globally, and his legacy is enormous. He trained in optometry at the Australian College of Optometry in the University of Melbourne, graduating in 1964 with Bachelor of Applied Science (Optometry) in the University and the Diploma of Licentiate of Optometric Science of the College. He completed his PhD degree at the City University, which would later confer on him an honorary Doctor of Science degree. He was appointed lecturer in the Department of Optometry at the University of New South Wales in 1971. Later he would rise to the rank of Professor and then to the prestigious rank of Scientia Professor of the University in 2001. He was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in 1997 for his contributions to optometry, for contact lens research and education. The planned schedule of speakers at the tribute was 9:00 pm Intro Kovin Naidoo: 9:05 pm Tribute Cris Schnider: 9:10 pm Tribute Tony Adams: 9:15 pm Tribute Lakshmi Shinde: 9:20 pm Tribute Des Fonn: 9:25 pm Tribute Rajesh Wadhwa: 9:30 pm Tribute Charles McMonnies: 9:35 pm Tribute Jerry Lowther: 9:40 pm Tribute Ray Myers: 9:45 pm Tribute Ravi Bakaraju: 9:50 pm Tribute Ian Bailey: 9:55 pm Toast Yvette Waddell. The first two do not appear on the video. Jason Nichols presented Tony Adam's tribute and one of his own. The order was changed slightly. Bailey was third last and Bakaraju was second last. Earlier the plan had been to have Jason Nichols do the intro, and Earl Smith the toast. Naido and Waddel were not on the original list of 10.
How Acquired: Donated by Ian Bailey, professor of optometry University of California Berkeley and honorary life member of the College
Date Acquired: October 2015
Condition: Good, but is incomplete
Location: Archive computer iPhoto

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