Rodenstock Vision (magazine)

Catalogue Number: 1601
Rodenstock Vision (magazine)
Category: Periodical, magazine
Corporation: Rodenstock
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: 1979 and 1980
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: Munich, West Germany
Publisher/Manufacturer: Optische Werke G, Rodenstock
Description Of Item: Two magazines, dated October 1979 and October 1980, both 46 paginated pages, published by Rodenstock under the title 'Vision'
Historical Significance: Large optical companies often produce magazines to promote their name. See those of Bausch and Lomb from an earlier period [Cat No 472, 1006,1007 and 1384]. These two issues of the Rodenstock magazine contain a mix of historical articles and technical information to promote the credentials of the company. These issues contain historical articles on Helmholtz, Spinoza and the evolution of spectacles. Both issues are lavishly illustrated. Rodenstock is a leading manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses and spectacle frames. The company was founded in 1877 and is based in Munich. It has a worldwide workforce of approximately 4,600 and is represented in more than 80 countries with sales subsidiaries and distribution partners. Rodenstock maintains production sites for ophthalmic lenses at 11 locations in 10 countries.It was founded by Josef Rodenstock (1846-1905 ), a peddler of self-designed measuring instruments and spectacle frames from Thuringia, who began business operations together with his brother Michael in the name of the company "G. Rodenstock" which had been founded in Wurzburg in 1877. The head office was moved to Munich in 1883.See Cat No 1038 for more information on the history of Rodenstock.
Condition: Excellent
Location: Archive office. Pamphlet and ephemera filing cabinet. Drawer 4

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