Trenti children's spectacle frame, Lilliput Mod 65

Catalogue Number: 1630
Trenti children's spectacle frame, Lilliput Mod 65
Category: Spectacles and lenses
Sub-Category: Spectacle frame
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: late 20th C
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: Italy
Publisher/Manufacturer: Trenti
Description Of Item: Gold metal frame with red trim on upper rim, brown trim bridge and red side ends, aviator shape, 122 x 46 mm, double bar bridge with flexible plastic saddle bridge, spring sides, plano lenses marked 'Lilliput by Trenti'. right side marked 'Lilliput by Trenti Frame Italy', left side marked 'Mod 65 FX col 6K3 48.18'
How Acquired: Donated by ACO Clinic
Date Acquired: Oct 2010
Condition: Fine
Location: Archive Office. Spectacles cabinet Drawer 15

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