Glass ophthalmic lenses

Catalogue Number: 1722
Glass ophthalmic lenses
Category: Spectacles and lenses
Sub-Category: Spectacle lenses
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: Early to mid 20th C
Time Period: 1900 to 1939
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: Rochester New York USA
Publisher/Manufacturer: Bausch and Lomb
Description Of Item: Several pairs of oval shaped glass biconcave lenses, cut but not bevelled, 43 x 33 mm, all -4.5 D sph in original paper wrapping indicating the manufacturer was Bausch and Lomb and the lenses are from the Centex range and are double standard thickness
Historical Significance: These lenses were reported to wholesale for 3 shillings and six pence (35 cents) for each half dozen.
Condition: Good
Location: Archive office. East wall shelves unit 3. Drawer 3

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