Metal plaque recording appreciation of the Women's Optometric Group

Catalogue Number: 1799
Metal plaque recording appreciation of the Women's Optometric Group
Category: Historical object or artefact
Sub-Category: Plaque
Institution: Victorian College of Optometry
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: 1960
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: Melbourne
Description Of Item: Bronzed metal plaque 200 mm W x 99 mm D bearing the words'This plaque records the appreciation of the College Council of the funds raised by the Women's Optometric Group to help furnish and equip the Victorian College of Optometry 20 October 1960.
Historical Significance: The Women's Optometric Group was a group made up of the wives of optometrists and other women associated with optometry who set about raising money to equip and furnish the new building for the Victorian College of Optometry at 374 Cardigan Street that was opened in 1960. Its President at the time was Ms Yvonne Raphael, principal of the optometric firm John Brownings in Collins Street. The group was active for about 5 years and did raise significant money and promoted a bonding comarderie within the profession. The plaque was formerly in the old Amies lecture theatre on the first floor of the Cardigan Street building. See also Cat No 373
How Acquired: Record of VCO
Condition: Good
Location: Archive room. North wall slat board

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