Coat of Arms (Crest) of the Victorian College of Optometry

Catalogue Number: 5
Coat of Arms (Crest) of the Victorian College of Optometry
Category: Historical object or artefact
Institution: Victorian College of Optometry
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: 1960
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: Melbourne
Description Of Item: Coat of Arms of the College, cast in metal in four pieces and enamel painted originally mounted on the brick facade of the College facing onto Cardigan Street. In 2006 it was mounted on painted particle board (1600 x 1005 mm) for the purpose of archival storage.
Historical Significance: It was resolved at the College Council at its 3rd meeting held on May 13 1940, on the motion of Mr Cyril W Kett seconded by Mr LR Werner, that the coat of arms of the ACO be registered at a cost of 10 pounds ($20). The motto 'Lumen accipe et imperti' means 'Accept the Light (of knowledge) and pass it on'. or 'Acquire wisdom (knowledge) and impart it.' which apart from the uplifting general sense of the motto in the context of learning has a nice link to light (seeing) and the helping other to see (the light). The crest features a sun at the top, and sun rays at the bottom and an oil lamp, all symbols of light. This cast version of the coat of arms was made in 1960 for erection on the west wall of for the College building at 374 Cardigan Street Carlton above the original entrance. (See photo Cat Nos 147, 480, 1196, 1210). This building was officially opened on October 20 1960. It was removed when a new entrance portico was built in about 1980 (see Photo Cat Nos 394 and 433). The crest is very similar to that the Victorian Optical Association (see Cat No 1972) 300 kb image in Museum iPhoto
How Acquired: Commissioned by Victorian College of Optometry
Condition: Excellent
Location: Basement Stairwell

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