Gold Astigmat spectacle frames

Catalogue Number: 1914
Gold Astigmat spectacle frames
Category: Spectacles and lenses
Sub-Category: Spectacle frame
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: c 1890
Time Period: 19th C
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: Germany
Description Of Item: Gold cased unglazed spectacle frames, horizontal oval eye shape, curl sides, nose pads fitted with a rubberised material. Straight horizontal bridge fitted with a spring device to permit adjustment to fit nose and hold the glasses securely on the nose. This arrangement allows the bridge width to be adjusted while keeping the oval eye shape horizontal and keep the axis of any cylindrical correction on axis. 108 x 48 mm. attached original label reading 'W,A./GUARANTEED/GOLD CASED/WW & CO/MADE IN GERMANY' There are 8 complete examples and 7 without sides.
Historical Significance: Gold cased means a thin coating of gold over a base metal. The gold is usually 10 or 14 kt and the layer is at least 1/20 of the thicknes of the metal.
How Acquired: Donated by James Moran, member of the College
Date Acquired: Sep 1993
Condition: Very good. Unused
Location: Archive Office. Spectacles cabinet Drawer 11

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