Barwyn 'silver' metal ful-vue curl side spectacle frame

Catalogue Number: 1921
Barwyn 'silver' metal ful-vue curl side spectacle frame
Category: Spectacles and lenses
Sub-Category: Spectacle frame
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: c 1935
Time Period: 1900 to 1939
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: Australia
Description Of Item: Unglazed silver-metal spectacle frame with curl sides and plastic pads. Rims, bridge and sides all have fine machine-engineered ornamentation. The brand 'Barwyn' is stamped inside each side. Original detached label states on one side 'Ful-Vue/by/Barwyn.Australia' and on the other side 'No 1066/DBL 24/Eye 44/Temple 7'. Frame is enclosed in original suppliers manila envelope which carries the frame size details.
Historical Significance: Ful-vue spectacles have the hinges for the sides located above the datum line (horizontal mid line) of the frame and a characteristic shape. They were first introduced by the American Optical Company in 1930. It is intriguing that the frame is identified as made in Australia. It is equally intriguing that there was also a Berwyn ful-vue spectacle frame made by the USA optical company Bausch and Lomb in 1934 but this was a rimless frame.
How Acquired: Donated by James Moran, member of the College
Date Acquired: Sept 1993
Condition: Fine
Location: Archive Office. Spectacles cabinet Drawer 13

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