Synoptophore slides

Catalogue Number: 4064
Synoptophore slides
Category: Equipment
Sub-Category: Tests of binocular vision
Corporation: Curry & Paxton Ltd., Clement Clarke Ltd., & un-named maufacturer
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: London, UK
Publisher/Manufacturer: Curry & Paxton Ltd., Clement Clarke Ltd.
Description Of Item: Seven pairs of coloured synoptophore slides. Pair 1 (Noddy & clock) with black binding and pair 2 (Noddy in car & garage) with yellow binding both marked Curry & Paxton, 120-126 Albert St., London NW.1. Pair 3 (D49 & D50- birds in cage) and pair 4 (D69 & D70) garden hose) both with yellow binding marked Clement Clarke Ltd., 63 Wigmore St., London W.1 , England. Pair 5 (letters & numbers), pair 6 (boy & girl) and pair 7 (woman & tree) all with beige binding and without manufacturer's name. Also 2 plastic mounting plates.
How Acquired: Not known
Date Acquired: 2019
Condition: very good
Location: Archive room. East wall Unit 4 Cupboard

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