Scleral contact lenses in case with curved sides

Catalogue Number: 3856
Scleral contact lenses in case with curved sides
Category: Spectacles and lenses
Sub-Category: Contact lenses and accessories
Corporation: G Nissel and Co.
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: 1960s
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
Publisher/Manufacturer: G Nissel and Co.
Description Of Item: White plastic hinged contact lens case with curved sides 67 mm x 51 mm x 18 mm containing two PMMA scleral contact lenses overall diameter 25 mm and rubber suction holder. The lenses and suction holder are in separate sections and the lenses held securely when the case is closed by foam pads in the top of the case which has the letters GN embossed on it. Both lenses are fenestrated at the corneolimbal junction and the right lens, power +1.00 D is identified by one burr mark at the inferior edge, the left, power +1.00 D by two burr marks.
Historical Significance: The GN imprint signifies that the case was manufactured by G Nissel and Co., probably the manufacturer of the lenses
How Acquired: Donated by Ian Bailey
Date Acquired: 7/10/2019
Condition: Very Good
Location: Archive room. West wall. Unit 6 Drawer 2

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