Employer-Employee Relationships for Optometrists

Catalogue Number: 3882
Employer-Employee Relationships for Optometrists
Category: Book
Sub-Category: Guidelines, clinical, public health
Association: Australian Optometrical Association
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: 1991
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: Melbourne
Publisher/Manufacturer: Australian Optometrical Association
Description Of Item: Light green card cover11 numbered pages295 mm x 210 mm
Historical Significance: The guide was written at a time where the proportion of optometrists in employed positions was growing and there was an increasing need for employer and employee optometrists to understand their mutual rights and responsibilities both legal and ethical. This is one of the many guides Australian Optometrical Association regularly produced to assist its members in their professional lives
How Acquired: Donated by Optometry Australia
Date Acquired: 20/7/2019
Condition: Good, binding breaking
Location: Archive office. Pamphlet and ephemera filing cabinet. Drawer 10

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