Oxysept System Neutralising Tablets

Catalogue Number: 4004
Oxysept System Neutralising Tablets
Category: Spectacles and lenses
Sub-Category: Contact lenses and accessories
Corporation: Abbott Medical Optics Inc.
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: 2014
Time Period: 21st C
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: India
Publisher/Manufacturer: Abbott Medical Optics Inc., Quarryvale, Cork, Ireland
Description Of Item: Five aluminium foil covered cards each containing six tablets imprinted in black multiple times 'Hydrogen peroxide neutralizing tablets' in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German and Japanese. Expiry date and lot number impressed on edge. Expiry date 2016/11. Temporary storage Box A
Historical Significance: This bottle of solution would have been included in a Starter Kit for the Oxysept System. See Cat 3998, 3999 and 4012.Since 2017 Abbott Medical Optics (AMO) has been part of Johnson and Johnson Vision. The words represented by AMO have undergone many changes since American Medical Optics was formed in 1976 s different mergers and acquisitions of the company took place. On acquisition by Allergan in 1986 it became Allergan Medical Optics, spun off as Advanced Medical Optics in 2002, acquired by Abbott Laboratories and renamed Abbott Medical Optics in 2009, to its latest acquisition by Johnson and Johnson as part of Johnson and Johnson Vision.
How Acquired: Donated by Colin Bates
Date Acquired: 17/7/2017
Condition: Very Good
Location: Archive Room. East wall Unit 5 Cupboard

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