Attendees of the Second Conference of the Australian Optometrical Association 1919

Catalogue Number: 3563
Attendees of the Second Conference of the Australian Optometrical Association 1919
Category: Photographs
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: 1919
Time Period: 1900 to 1939
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: Sydney
Description Of Item: Mounted, unframed black and white photograph. Mount 380 x 320 mm; image 230 x 165 mm. Probably a copy.The wording on the mount is: SECOND CONFERENCE, SYDNEY, 1919. SITTING - (L to R) Donald (Tas), Sankey (Q'ld.), Wenborn (N.S.W.),* Nott (Vic.), Qurban (S.A.), Ross (N.S.W.). STANDING: Adcock (N.S.W.), Petersen (Q'ld.), Kett (Vic.), Stevenson (Vic.), Cumberland (Vic.), Waterworth (Tas.), D'Arcy (Tas.), Jack (N.S.W.).Stored in black vinyl foder 640 x 440mm
Historical Significance: Conference, as it was known, regularly brought representatives of the affiliated State bodies of the Australian Optometrical Association together to formulate high-level policy for the federation of State optometric societies. The Second Congress was held in Sydney in 1909. All States but West Australia were represented.The most important item on the Agenda was the Constitution which had been prepared by the Victorian Committee. After accepting a few amendments, the Constitution was unanimously adopted. Other items of important business included:an Encyclopaedia of Optometry proposed by Professor Sheard would be supported by the Association; a letter be sent to each Government concerned requesting early consideration oflegislation to register optometrists; support for school children's eyesight; the journal Commonwealth Optometrist would be the official organ of the association; the necessity for hygiene in practice; country press advertisements; frees sight testing; reciprocity of membership; development of a schedule of fees
Date Acquired: 19/02/2018
Location: Archive room. West wall. Unit 2 Drawer 4

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