Attendees of the Fourth Conference of the Australian Optometrical Association 1921

Catalogue Number: 3565
Attendees of the Fourth Conference of the Australian Optometrical Association 1921
Category: Photographs
Sub-Category: Photograph People and events
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: 1921
Time Period: 1900 to 1939
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: Brisbane
Description Of Item: Mounted, unframed black and white photograph. Mount 380 x 320 mm; image 230 x 165 mmThe wording on the mount is: FOURTH CONFERENCE<,ADELAIDE, 1920STANDING - (L to R): W.Ogilvy (N.S.W..), W.G. Kett (N.S.W.), C. Gamin (Q'ld), J.K.Cumberland, Sec, A.O.A.(Vic), F.T. Wright (S.A.), W.i. Wenborn (N.S.W.), E Crosier (Q'ld). SITTING: R.S.Padman, Vice- Pres., A.O.A., (Tas.) H.K.Wendt, Ex-Pres.,(S.A.), Col. J Fry, Pres., A.O.A., (Qld), H.S.Bell (Vic)Stored in black vinyl foder 640 x 440mm
Historical Significance: Conference, as it was known, regularly brought representatives of the affiliated State bodies of the Australian Optometrical Associations together to formulate high-level policy. The fourth Conference was held in Brisbane in 1921. The delegates were accorded a Civic Reception by the Lord Mayor of Brisbane. Discussion at the conference. Items of particular interest discussed at the conference were: amendment of the constitution to provide for a Fellowship Examination and Fellowship diploma. that a Professor Wall, who played an important part in the conduct of the Optometry Course in Columbia University, had sent the AOA details of U.S.A. Government offer to pay his expenses to and from Australia to lecture on Optometrical subjects if the lectures could be given under the auspices of or request from an institute of learning in Australia. No institute could be found to issue the invitation as a result of pressure applied by the British Medical Association, which represented medical practitioners in Australia at the time; the education of optical mechanics and the Education Committee was instructed to do all in its power to increase facilities; the States with legislation were urged to provide a common education standard for reciprocity: the N.S.W. and Victorian syllabus was suggested as a basis; that a Conference of State Registration Boards be held simultaneously at Conferences; that all States without legislation regulating optometry should urge members of the necessity to discontinue the use of drugs; that the standard of Gold Filled Spectacle Ware be not less than 1/10 10 ct. and that the Minister for Customs be requested to insist upon correct stamping; that all optometrists were not engaged in 'muscle training' (orthoptics) and it was it was recommended to all States that facilities for teaching of orthoptics be made readily available; an Ethical Code prepared by Mr R. S. Padman was unanimously adopted and became the A.O.A. Code of Ethics; much concern was expressed at the unethical advertising by uncontrollable practitioners and steps were devised to control it.
How Acquired: On loan from Optometry Australia
Date Acquired: 19/02/2018
Location: Archive room. West wall. Unit 2 Drawer 4

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