Promotional PD (Pupillary Distance) Rule

Catalogue Number: 3454
Promotional PD (Pupillary Distance) Rule
Category: Equipment
Sub-Category: PD ruler, pupillometer
Corporation: Coopervision (Australia) Pty Ltd
Time Period: 21st C
Publisher/Manufacturer: Coopervision (Australia) Pty Ltd
Description Of Item: White plastic rule 155 mm 38 mm wide with bevelled edge on length of rule engraved with centimetres in millimetre graduations on both edges, imprinted eyetalk consultants (02) 9451 2737 www.eyetalk.com.au and Coopervision Biofinity Aquaform Comfort Science on the bevelled face and Ask me why the next generation of contact lenses is sight years ahead and an image of an aeroplane and a smiley face emoticon on the flat face
Historical Significance: This a promotional rule, probably distributed with Eyetalk magazine at the launch of the Coopervision Silicon Hydrogel contact lens, Biofinity.
How Acquired: Donated by Colin Bates
Date Acquired: 5-6-2017
Condition: Very good
Location: Archive office. East wall shelves unit 3. Drawer 10

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