Directory of Australian Optometrists 2001

Catalogue Number: 3353
Directory of Australian Optometrists 2001
Category: Periodical, magazine
Sub-Category: Optometry Association papers, reports
Association: Optometrists Association Australia
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: 2001
Time Period: 21st C
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: Melbourne
Publisher/Manufacturer: Optometrists Association Australia
Description Of Item: White soft card covers, 297 mm x 210 mm stapled, printed on front with green and blue stylised lens shape and OAA logo. Grey printed Optometrists Association Australia and Directory of Australian Optometrists 2001. 50 pages containing listings of geographical locations and alphabetical listing of optometrists and including their addresses, qualifications, telephone numbers and e mail addresses
Historical Significance: Directories of Australia Optometrists were produced at intervals by Optometrists Association Australia (now Optometry Australia) for the use of its members. In this edition listing of national and state OAAs, registration boards, education and learning institutions have been omitted and information on individuals reduced. Cat. Nos. 3348, 3349, 3350, 3351, 3352, 3354, 3355, 3356, 3357, 3358, 3809, 3810, 3811.
How Acquired: Donated by Colin Bates
Date Acquired: 3/7/2017
Condition: Good
Location: Archive office. South wall. Cube 2

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