Perkins Hand Held Applanation Tonometer in Case

Catalogue Number: 3379
Perkins Hand Held Applanation Tonometer in Case
Category: Equipment
Sub-Category: Tonometer
Corporation: Clement Clarke International Pty Ltd
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: 1982
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: London, England
Publisher/Manufacturer: Clement Clarke International Pty Ltd
Description Of Item: Black textured plastic hinged case with lockable clasps 365 mm x 185 mm x75 mm containing a Perkins hand held applanation tonometer with grey plastic body with white plastic patient forehead rest attached and plastic doubling prism probe, separate white plastic practitioner forehead rest on metal stalk, alignment gauge plate, setting block, calibration weight, case keys, Certificate of Accuracy and calibration instructions (Dated 10/7/1982), disinfection instructions, instruction booklet, certificate of accuracy (Dated 17/3/2004), and templates for cutting replacement case foam inserts. Instrument only in Musuem Gallery display.
Historical Significance: Tonometry when first done by optometrists in the 1960s was done using a Schiotz tonometer. Later the Goldmann (1899-1991) applanation tonometer was used, which was first introduced by Haag Streit as an accessory for the Haag Streit slit lamp. The hand held Perkins tonometer, which also uses the Goldmann applanation principles, achieved high acceptance because of its ease of use without the need to bring the slit lamp to the patient. The Perkins tonometer was developed by ES Perkins in 1965 (Brit J Opthal 1965; 49: 591). This example has been modified to use a LED illumination source rather than the original incandescent globe. This improved illumination and prolonged battery life.
How Acquired: Donated by Colin Bates
Date Acquired: 30/7/2017
Condition: Good. Handle discoloured by fluorescein and use
Location: Archive room. East wall Unit 3 Cupboard

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