Delft tile of a spectacle seller

Catalogue Number: 3424
Delft tile of a spectacle seller
Category: Painting or other art work
Sub-Category: Decorative object
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: c1650
Time Period: 18th C and earlier
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: Delft, Netherlands
Description Of Item: Glazed ceramic tile decorated with blue image of a spectacle seller. Corners have ox-head motif. Size: 130 x 130 x 14 mm.
Historical Significance: Blue and white pottery is made world-wide but Delft Blue was regarded as among the finest, especially in the period 1640 to 1740. There are series of Delft Blue tiles depicting various occupations, but those depicting spectacle sellers are rare. The Kett Museum has a number of prints of 17th century Dutch etchings that depict spectacle sellers eg Cat No 1579
How Acquired: Donated by Pamela R Sutton
Date Acquired: October 2017
Condition: Good
Location: Archive room. West wall. Unit 1 Drawer 3

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