Self illuminating ophthalmoscope

Catalogue Number: 3282
Self illuminating ophthalmoscope
Category: Equipment
Sub-Category: Ophthalmoscope
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: c1925
Time Period: 1900 to 1939
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: England
Description Of Item: Self illuminating ophthalmoscope. Black battery handle. Black metal head with single revolving disc of lenses. 4 small round apertures on rear of head can be positioned in front of illumination source, including a green filter and a smaller aperture. Dymo label 'I-16' attached prior to 1990. Instrument is unmarked but head closely resembles the Turville-Stewart instruments of the 1920's. Dimensions: 232 x 45 mm.
How Acquired: Donated by Stanley David Courtier Tovey, Melbourne optometrist
Date Acquired: Before 1990
Condition: Head good, handle has corrosion around base
Location: Archive Office. Cabinet One Drawer 9

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