Contact Lenses: Australian Standard 1887-1976

Catalogue Number: 3217
Contact Lenses: Australian Standard 1887-1976
Category: Papers
Sub-Category: Standards, quality regulations
Institution: Standards Association of Australia
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: 1976
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: North Sydney
Publisher/Manufacturer: Standards Association of Australia
Description Of Item: Yellow stiff card wrappers, 147 x 208 mm, 28 pages, 7 black and white figures, 2 appendices
Historical Significance: This was the first and only standard for contact lenses written and published in Australia. The Australian Optometrical Association, The University of NSW Optometry Department and the Victorian College of Optometry were participants in writing the Standard. It is now withdrawn. A new draft standard DR 03179 CP was prepared in 2003 but this was superseded by adoption by Australia of an international ISO standard AS ISO 14534-2003 which specifies safety and performance requirements for contact lenses, contact lens care products and other accessories for contact lenses.
How Acquired: Donated by Nathan and Suzanne Efron
Date Acquired: Sep 2016
Condition: Very good
Location: Nathan Library. Efron Collection

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