Eschenbach Makrolux LED Bright Field low vision magnifier built-in light source

Catalogue Number: 2880
Eschenbach Makrolux LED Bright Field low vision magnifier built-in light source
Category: Spectacles and lenses
Sub-Category: Low vision aid
Corporation: Eschenbach Optik
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: Germany
Publisher/Manufacturer: Eschenbach Optik
Description Of Item: Plastic lens, 90 mm W x 70 mm H x 30 deep mm, being a segment of a dome magnifier lens (the Visolett principle See Cat no. 2730) and affixed on one side to anodised silver metal stand, 88 mm H x 50 mm W x 23 mm D, that contains batteries powering a light protruding over the dome of the lens. The base has a light switch on the back and the words 'Made in Germany' on the top. Also affixed to the base is a second plastic lens, 86 x 22 mm, to adjust the image plane of the magnified image formed by the dome lens. The words 'Eschenbach Germany' are inscribed on the front of the main lens.
Historical Significance: Eschenbach Optik is a manufacturer of spectacle frames and optical devices. It was founded in 1913 and is based in Nuremberg in Germany. The company specialises in magnifiers for low vision and critical visual work. This magnifier is an adaptation of the optical principles underlying the Visolett dome magnifier invented by Georg Jaekel of Berlin-Zehlendorf, Germany in 1933. [Rights assigned to the Sendlinger Optische Glaswerke G. m. b. H, Berlin-Zehlendorf, German Application June 1 , 1933 (German Patent No. 622 601)] See Catalogue no. 2730. It provides 3.6 X magnification.
How Acquired: Donated by Graham Sheil, European Eyewear, Melbourne
Date Acquired: June 2016
Condition: Very good
Location: Archive room. West wall. Unit 5 Drawer 2

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