Eric Padman, former National AOA President, and wife, Marie

Catalogue Number: 2719
Eric Padman, former National AOA President, and wife, Marie
Category: Photographs
Sub-Category: Photograph People and events
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: c 1960
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
Description Of Item: Digital black and white image, 1125 x 852, 340 kb, of Eric Padman (1920-1984), National AOA President (1953-1956), with his wife Marie
Historical Significance: Eric Padman was a Tasmania optometrist who practised in Launceston. He was a man of boundless energy and good humour who was much involved in the affairs of the Australian Optometrical Association, especially in the 1950s during which decade he was a very active and effective national president. He led the fight to have optometry included in the Menzies-Page national health insurance scheme that was introduced in 1953. He was unsuccessful - optometry was not included - but he did succeed in having ophthalmological consultations at which refraction was undertaken excluded from attracting a medical benefit, which limited the damage to the profession of optometry. He was the son of R Stewart Padman, also a Launceston optometrist and prominent in professional affairs. Eric qualified in optometry at the Sydney Technical Collage in 1941 and had also obtained a BSc degree from the University of Sydney. He served in the Second World War before commencing practice of optometry in 1946. See other accounts of Padman in Mackriell K. Toward the vision splendid: the story of optometry in Tasmania and beyond. Hobart; Optometrists Association Australia (Tasmanian Division): 2013 and Lewis I. Obituary: Eric Padman 1920-1984. Aust J Optom 1984; 67: 2. See also Cole BL. A history of Australian Optometry. Melbourne; Aust College Optom: 2015 pp 214-215.
How Acquired: Donated by Sally Hunter, daughter of Eric Padman
Date Acquired: 2014
Location: Archive computer iPhoto

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