Scleral/Haptic Contact Lens Moulds and Materials

Catalogue Number: 2497
Scleral/Haptic Contact Lens Moulds and Materials
Category: Spectacles and lenses
Sub-Category: Contact lenses and accessories
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
Description Of Item: Brown leatherette case 386 x 205 x 42 mm with two slide catches on front edge. Interior has 50 square compartments 30 x 30 mm lined with red velvet. Compartments contain 30 assorted plaster moulds each with parameters hand written on them. Three Perspex plates 60 x 60 x 3 mm with opaque circular recesses 1 mm deep, a part formed sclera/haptic Perspex shell and three complete scleral shells are in or overlay the compartments. Selected items are on display the Museum Gallery
Historical Significance: These items would form part of those essential to a practitioner for the manufacture of scleral contact lenses.The Perspex plates were fitted into a moulding machine and the appropriate mould was used to create a scleral lens of the required central and peripheral curvature to fit the patient's eye. The plates were thinned to give minimum bulk to the periphery of the final moulded lens. The central area was left thicker to allow for lathe cutting of the optical powers. (Thanks to Mr. Don Ezekiel AM for assistance in the cataloguing of this item.)
How Acquired: Donated by Robert Kaye
Date Acquired: 16/06/2014
Location: Archive room. West wall. Unit 6 Drawer 2

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