Research records of Dr J Anthony Spalding

Catalogue Number: 2522
Research records of Dr J Anthony Spalding
Category: Papers
Sub-Category: Research records
Author: SPALDING John Anthony B
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: 1994 - 1998
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: London UK
Description Of Item: Brown cardboard storage box, 322 W x 310 D x 310 H mm, containing the original research records of an investigation of the effect of abnormal colour vision on the practice of medicine carried out by Dr JAB Spalding, specifically (1) two bundles of papers tied with string, both labelled 'Answers of test of identifying and outlining coloured signs of medical conditions' for (i) Control doctors without colour vision deficiency and (ii) Doctors with colour vision deficiency; (2) two A4 40 pocket display files both labelled 'Answered questionnaires by doctors with colour vision deficiency' (3) one bundle tied with string, labelled 'Test of type and severity of colour vision deficiency of doctors' (4) diary, black cloth covers, 150 x 216 mm, with sticker on front fly leaf bearing Dr Spalding name and address and typewritten label pasted on the reverse explaining this booklet was Dr Spalding's 'Journal of travels' between 1994 and 1998 visiting colour blind doctors throughout the UK to collect data, (5) blue A4 plastic folder with brass page fasteners and clear front cover dated July 1995 containing records of the comments of (colour blind) doctors about their difficulties (with colour in their practice of medicine) comprising a contents page, a list of abbreviations, comments made by doctors grouped by colour task, (6) red A4 plastic folder with brass page fasteners and clear front cover dated 1995 containing a draft of an unpublished papers entitled 'When do doctors with inherited defective colour vision have difficulties.' and (7) 20 high quality photographs of various medical conditions that were used by Dr Spalding for his investigations, each with a typewritten description of the lesion demarked by colour. Also included is a copy of a book 'The Effects of colour blindness: by JAB Spalding and GB Arden published 2001, signed by the author on the front paste down. ALSO Blue cardboard filing box, damaged, 270 x 370 x 70 mm, containing further papers AND post tube 630 mm long containing a poster exhibited at St George's Medical School student day in 2005, by medical student Eoghan Burke entitled 'Colour blindness in medical students',
Historical Significance: Dr Spalding MB BS DCH MRCGP was a London GP, himself colour blind (Deuteranopia), who investigated the handicap of abnormal colour vision in the practice of medicine and who energetically advocated testing of the colour vision of medical students and counselling (but not exclusion) of those with abnormal colour vision so they could be helped to adapt to their 'handicap' and take it into account when choosing the field of medicine in which they would work. He published a dozen or so papers on the subject including papers reporting the research he conducted. He also set up a web site http://www.colourmed.com/ to advise medical practitioners and students on colour vision. Picture is from Dr Spalding's web site.
How Acquired: Donated by Dr AJB Spalding. London GP
Date Acquired: Oct 2014
Condition: Good
Location: Archive store room

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