Stratton contact lens case with lenses

Catalogue Number: 2577
Stratton contact lens case with lenses
Category: Spectacles and lenses
Sub-Category: Contact lenses and accessories
Designer/inventor: Stratton
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: c1970
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: Birmingham, England
Publisher/Manufacturer: Stratton
Description Of Item: Brass contact lens case of trapezoidal shape with hinged lid and snap closure. Mirror inside lid. Plastic lined base has two receptacles for lenses with hinged brass lids labelled 'LEFT' and 'RIGHT'. Empty receptacle for missing suction lens holder. Engine-turned decoration of chequered pattern on lid and star pattern on the underside. Base marked 'Stratton/MADE IN ENGLAND'. Clear PMMA contact lenses; right lens engraved 'R' 10.5mm diameter, -2.00DS, left lens 9.5mm diameter, -2.50DS. Case 42mm W x 42mm D x 13mm H.
Historical Significance: The Stratton company is best known for its make-up compacts and pill boxes. It was founded in 1860 as Stratnoid, a knitting needle company. The firm changed its name to Stratton and began producing compacts in 1923. After 1980, the company was sold numerous times and eventually closed in 1997. The company was revived a few years later and is still in operation today.
How Acquired: Donated by Pamela R Sutton
Date Acquired: March 2015
Condition: Fair, some corrosion
Location: Archive room. West wall. Unit 6 Drawer 2

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