Yablonski ophthalmodynamometer 1980

Catalogue Number: 458
Yablonski ophthalmodynamometer 1980
Category: Equipment
Sub-Category: Equipment, other clinical
Designer/inventor: YABLONSKI, Michael
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: c 1980
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: France
Publisher/Manufacturer: Variona Clinitex Division
Description Of Item: Pressure gauge and a glass contact lens in a pale coloured timber box with internal plastic moulding to hold the instrument and lens, and a cloth lining inside the lid. Metal label on the outside of the lid of the box reads 'Clinitex ophthalmodynamometer'. Engraved on the side in gold filled letters are the words 'Made in France'. An instruction leaflet is included. It is produced by Variona Clinitex Division Danvers ma. USA. The instruction book has a hand written note reading 'Note. Zero to 100 Graduations added by J Fox 27.8.81'
Historical Significance: An ophthlmodynamometer is used for checking the arterial pulse pressure of the eye. The examiner looks with the ophthalmoscope and presses with the plunger against the outside of the eye. When the arteries start to pulsate, the diastolic (resting) pressure has been reached. When the pulsation stops, systolic pressure has been reached. The technique was devised by P Bailliart in 1917 (Ann. Ocul. 154, 648-666 1917), It was improved by Sisler in 1976 ( Sisler, HA: optical corneal pressure ophthalmodynamometer. Am J. Ophthalmol. 74:987, 1972) and later by Yablonski who introduced the glass contact lens. The Yablonski ophthalmodynamometer incorporates a fundus contact lens for viewing the fundus using a slit lamp (see pictures in instruction leaflet). J Fox who hand wrote the note on the instruction leaflet is John Fox the technical officer of the Victorian College of Optometry responsible for maintenance of clinic equipment in the 1980s.
How Acquired: Purchased by Victorian College of Optometry
Condition: Good
Location: Archive room. West wall. Unit 6 Drawer 4

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