Manual of diseases of the cornea

Catalogue Number: 604
Manual of diseases of the cornea
Category: Book
Sub-Category: Book of historical note
Author: GRAYSON Merrill, KEATES Richard H
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: 1969
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: Boston, Mass
Publisher/Manufacturer: Little Brown and Company
Description Of Item: Original brown cloth cover, 311 pages, numerous black and white photographs
Historical Significance: This book continued into several editions as Diseases of the cornea 1979 and 1983, and then as Grayson's diseases of the cornea 1991 with Robert Arffa as senior author. Grayson was an American ophthalmologist, who gave his name to Grayson-Wilbrandt syndrome. Dr. Grayson served the Department of Ophthalmology, Indiana University, School of Medicine for 30 years. He served as professor and on a number of occasions as Chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology. His textbook Diseases of the Cornea is a culmination of his clinical experiences and teaching methods and is considered one of the finest texts written on the subject.
How Acquired: Ex Nathan Library
Condition: Good except for ink stains on front and library stamps
Location: Archive room. East wall. Books of historical note

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