Pocket vision screener

Catalogue Number: 2340
Pocket vision screener
Category: Equipment
Sub-Category: Reading card, tests of near vision
Corporation: Merck Sharp and Dohme
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: New Jersey USA
Publisher/Manufacturer: Merck Sharp and Dohme
Description Of Item: Plastic card, 88 x 163 mm, with near visual acuity chart using numbers, tumbling E and XOX of varying size from distance visual acuity equivalent from 20/20 to 20/800 when read at 14 inches with also a pupil size gauge and on the reverse inch and cm rules. The reverse carries an advertisement for Timoptol
How Acquired: Donated by Dr Ian Robertson, Melbourne ophthalmologist
Date Acquired: Sept 2013
Condition: Very good
Location: Archive office. Pamphlet and ephemera filing cabinet. Drawer 6

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