The practice of refraction

Catalogue Number: 695
The practice of refraction
Category: Book
Sub-Category: Book of historical note
Author: DUKE ELDER (Sir) Stewart
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: 1945
Edition: 4th Edition
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: London
Publisher/Manufacturer: J and A Churchill
Description Of Item: Original green cloth cover. 328 pages, 183 illustrations. VCO stamp on front fly leaf
Historical Significance: Sir Stewart Duke-Elder (1899-1978), a Scot, was a prolific writer and editor, producing seven volumes of Textbook of Ophthalmology and fifteen volumes of System of Ophthalmology, along with many other textbooks and scientific papers. He served for many years as editor of Brit J Ophthal and Ophthalmic Literarure and was involved in the formation of the Institute of Ophthalmology in London. He was elected FRS and he was knighted in 1933. He was Surgeon-Oculist to King Edward VIII, George V and Queen Elizabeth II. We have the first edition of this book 1928 (Cat No 179)
Condition: Good. Slight water damage
Location: Archive room. East wall. Books of historical note

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