Industrial vision

Catalogue Number: 700
Industrial vision
Category: Book
Sub-Category: Book of historical note
Author: HOFSTETTER Henry W
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: 1956
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: Philadephia
Publisher/Manufacturer: Chilton Book Company
Description Of Item: Original black cloth cover, 190 pages, 61 figures in text. Library stamp of Australian College Optometry
Historical Significance: Henry Hofstetter (1914-2001) was a prominent American optometric academic. He was the founding Dean of the School of Optometry at Indiana University. He was the first to obtain a PhD in physiological optics, under Professor Glenn Fry at Ohio State University. He was one of the first to document, by way of this book, the role of optometrists in industry, although vision screening in manufacturing industry by optometrists was quite common in the 1950s. The large Melbourne optometry firm Coles and Garrard did vision screening in the car manufacturing industry in the 1950s. This book describes the approach to industrial optometry in the 1950s and was used as a student text book in the Australian College Optometry in the 1960s. Hofstetter was an author of 'Dictionary of visual science' and sole author of 'Optometry professional, economic and legal aspects'. Hofstetter gave Barry Cole, who was to become the foundation professor of optometry at the University of Melbourne, a job as teaching assistant at Indiana in 1958. This delayed Cole taking up his posiiton as the first full time lecturer in the Australian College of Optometry but provided him with an invaluable experience prior to taking up that position.
How Acquired: Ex Nathan Library
Condition: Fair
Location: Archive room. East wall. Books of historical note

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