Collection of papers relating to the Optometrical Education Reform Society

Catalogue Number: 892
Collection of papers relating to the Optometrical Education Reform Society
Category: Papers
Sub-Category: Collection of papers (Events)
Author: Various
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: 1937 to 1945
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: Melbourne
Description Of Item: A collection of papers in a manila folder labelled OERS that relate to the dispute generated by the Optometrical Education Reform Society and the Australian College of Optometry and the Opticians Registration Board, including electioneering in 3 elections to membership of the Opticians Registration Board in 1938, 1940 and 1943. Also included in this collection is a copy of a writ in the Supreme Court dated 19 October 1944 raised by Ronald Griffiths and others against Cecil Dobbie, Leslie Werner, Cyril Kett, Harold Edwards, Stanley Latimer and the Australian College of Optometry disputing the 1944 election of counciollors of the College. The attached statement of complaint gives details of the disputed election.
Historical Significance: Ernest Jabara was one of the founders of the College and was the first chairman of Council as First Vice President, it not being customary for the President, being titular, to attend Council meetings. He resigned as First Vice President and Chairman in April 1942, when the College was in its third year. He had lost the confidence of Council. He ceased to be a Councillor at the College AGM in 1943. There was a stormy AGM in 1943 and a hotly contested election to Council in 1944 at which Jabara supporter RP Griffiths was elected. Jabara never returned to Council and had nothing to do with the College subsequently. Instead he established the Optometric Educational Reform Society to run post graduate lectures given by senior university staff oriented to biological science and used it as a 'ginger group' to urge his views about optometric education upon the College Council and its members. The Society also engaged in dispute with the Opticans Registration Board and papers in this collection record the nature of that dispute. These papers indicate that the issue involved the Goverment of Victoria. See also Cat No 534 and 552.
How Acquired: Donated by John Nathan, Honorary Life member of the College
Condition: Fair
Location: Archive office. Pamphlet and ephemera filing cabinet. Drawer 1

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