Letters and memos about establishing the Australian College of Optometry

Catalogue Number: 972
Letters and memos about establishing the Australian College of Optometry
Category: Papers
Sub-Category: Letter, notes, memos
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: 1938
Time Period: 1900 to 1939
Description Of Item: (1) Letter; 5 quarto size pages, carbon copy typescript, being a letter dated September 7 1938 addressed to the Registrar Opticians' Registration Board, unsigned and without the name of the signatory of the original letter. (2) Letter: single quarto page typed letter from the Hon Secretary of the Victorian Optical Association (HS Latimer) to Mr EH Jabara at Harley House Collins Street, Melbourne, dated November 24 1938, with a single red coloured page attached being a list of equipment considered necessary dated 24th November 1938. (3) One quarto size page bearing the letterhead of the Victorian Optical Association being a Table of the subjects covered by the College, hours of lectures and the fees paid to lecturers.
Historical Significance: The letter is headed re College of Optometry and is a response to a request for information from the Opticians' Registration Board. It is presumably a letter from the Victorian Optical Association. It deals with (a) the constitution of the proposed College (this being the Australian College of Optometry to be founded in 1940), (b) the number of lectures proposed for each subject and the fees to lecturers and (c) general finance. The ideas for the constitution of the College are well formed and expressed in terms of clear anticipation of the formation of the College. The proposed syllabus is very different from that adopted when the College was established in 1940 and the letter expresses a hope that the University of Melbourne will provide some of the subjects. It is envisaged that lens grinding will be taught by the Melbourne Technical College. The new College will take possession of the equipment of the Victorian Optical 'College' (the entity within the Victorian Optical Association that ran the FVOA course). It presents a budget and proposes sources of funding for the new College, being student fees, a grant from the Board and money from the Association. The second letter advises the Board that the 'college' (the VOA 'College' offering the FVOA) will have to continue for another year or until the University advises it is ready to help teach subjects in the proposed new course to be run by the planned but not yet established Australian College of Optometry.
Condition: Good
Location: Archive office. Pamphlet and ephemera filing cabinet. Drawer 2

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