Spectacles and spyglasses

Catalogue Number: 1102
Spectacles and spyglasses
Category: Book
Sub-Category: Hewett collection
Author: MARLY Pierre with texts by Jean-Claide MARGOLIN and Paul BIERENT, translated by Barry TULETT
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: 1988
Edition: Revised English edition
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
Publisher/Manufacturer: Editions Hoebeke
Description Of Item: Colour printed wrapper, blue cloth covers, 155 pages, 436 illustrations many in colour. This is a limited edition of 1000 copies. This is copy no. 943
Historical Significance: Pierre Marly was a French optician who completed his apprenticeship in 1948. He quickly developed a name for his creative designs for spectacle frames. He set up shop in Paris in 1951 and custom-made spectacles for crowned heads and the famous (including Audrey Hepburn in 1951). He also collected glasses and lorgnettes, some 3000 items, over 40 years which formed the Pierre Marly Collection that was for some years open to public viewing in Paris. The collection was acquired by Essilor and is now on display at the The Musee des Lunettes et Lorgnettes in Morez. This pamphlet desrcibes the Marly collection in Paris. The fIrst edition was in French and published 1980.
Condition: Excellent
Location: Nathan Library. Hewett collection

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