Mitchell D Anjou

Catalogue Number: 1275
Mitchell D Anjou
Category: Photographs
Sub-Category: Photograph People and events
Photographer: Norman Wodetzki, North Melbourne
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: c 1995
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: Melbourne
Description Of Item: (1) Twelve colour proof photographs of Mitchell D Anjou, clinic director of the Victorian College of Optometry, 64 x 93 mm. (2) One colour photograph 101 x 151 mm of Mitchell Anjou. (3) Colour digital photograph of Mitchell Anjou 2592 x 3872 4.5 mb (Digital format only in Archive Computr iPhoto) c 2000
Historical Significance: Mitchell Anjou graduated in optometry at the University of Melbourne in 1982 and completed his Masters degree in 1986 under the supervision of Professor Austin Hughes in the National Vision Research Institute. He joined the staff of the VCO Clinic in 1989 and was appointed Clinic Director in 1992. In that role he served ex-officio as a councillor of the College until 1996 when the constitution of the College was changed to exclude senior staff serving on the Council.
How Acquired: Record of VCO
Condition: Good
Location: Archive office. South wall. Cube 5 Album 2

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