Turville Segmentometer

Catalogue Number: 1300
Turville Segmentometer
Category: Equipment
Sub-Category: Dispensing tool
Designer/inventor: A E Turville
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: c1945
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: France
Publisher/Manufacturer: Societe des Lunetiers
Description Of Item: Cased set of lenses and metal frame to demonstrate bifocals in an existing spectacle frame. Set consists of 12 A-seg lenses in powers of +1.00 to +6.00 Dioptres & 2 samples of round and D-seg bifocal shapes. Each lens has a metal rod mount allowing it to be positioned in the metal frame provided which attaches to a spectacle frame.Housed in black leatherette case with hinged lid and velvet lining. Gold lettering on case: THE TURVILLE SEGMENTOMETER (Patent applied for) MANUFACTURED BY SOCIETE DES LUNETIERS.Case: 205mm x 170mm x 35mm
Historical Significance: AE Turville F.B.O.A., F.S.A.O., D.ORTH. was an English optometrist who wrote about refractive methods of refraction in the 1930s and 40s and devised the Turville infinity balance technique. See Cat # 340. He also devised other instruments such as the Turville-Pascal Dynascope dynamic retinoscope and the Turville-Stewart Combined Ophthalmoscope, Slit-Lamp and Retinoscope (1926).
How Acquired: Donated by Elizabeth Hatfield, Fellow of the College
Date Acquired: July 2009
Condition: Case:good, contents:excellent
Location: Archive room. West wall. Unit 4 Drawer 3

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