Genothalmic Javal Schiotz keratometer (ophthalmometer)

Catalogue Number: 1316
Genothalmic Javal Schiotz keratometer (ophthalmometer)
Category: Equipment
Sub-Category: Keratometer Ophthalmometer
Corporation: General Optical Company
Year Of Publication/Manufacture: c 1920
Time Period: 1900 to 1939
Place Of Publication/Manufacture: USA
Publisher/Manufacturer: General Optical Company
Description Of Item: Black enamel Javal Schiotz ophthalmometer with plate reading GENOTHALMIC OPHTHALOMETER Cat No 3240 Volts ?? Watts ?? Made in USA. On the rotating disc are the words 'Universal ophthalmometer General Optical Company' and 'Pat Oct 24 1911'Copy of patent is in Archive Office. Pamphlet and emphemera filing cabinet Drawer 2 Cat No 1316 (with Cat No 1306 patent)
Historical Significance: Genothalmic refers to the trade name of ophthalmic instrumentation, manufactured by the General Optical Company, Mt Vernon New York. They probably ceased trading before 1930, but may have continued as Geneva Optical Co (est. 1875) and the Kryptok Sales Company, Inc as these companies traded from the same address. Louis ?mile Javal (1839 - 1907) was a French ophthalmologist He is remembered for his studies of physiological optics and his work on strabismus. He constructed the Javal Schiotz Ophthalmometer with his student Hjalmar August Schi?tz . Hjalmar August Schi?tz (1850-1927) was a Norwegian professor of medicine with the obligation of teaching eye medicine from 1901 to 1921. He presented the first version of the Javal-Schi?tz ophthalmometer to a the international congress of eye specialists in Milan in 1880 and an international medical congress in London in 1881. The Patent of October 24 1911 refers to US Patent No 1,006,825 held on file Pamphlet and ephemera filing cabinet Drawer 2 Cat No 1316
How Acquired: Donated by Graeme Wood, Essendon optometrist
Date Acquired: mid 2001
Condition: Fair. Metal work is rusted. Has original electrical switch & leads
Location: Archive office. East wall shelves unit 3

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