Internally illuminated optometrists test chart

Catalogue Number: 1507
Internally illuminated optometrists test chart
Category: Equipment
Sub-Category: Visual Acuity, Contrast sensitivity tests
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
Description Of Item: Internally illuminated optometrist's test chart, grey hammertone metal case, 600 mm W x 830 mm W x 190 mm D with astigmatism fan and locator, letter chart with letters from 6/60 to 6/12, rotating single line ;letter chart with 6/5 to 6/12 letters, a line of Landolt rings of various size from 6/4.5 to 6/24 and a car number plate. Muscle light for phoria testing and a duochrome test. Locator and single line letter chart can be rotated by knobs on both sides. Switch panel with electrical lead to the main unit and a power lead. No manufacturers plate
Historical Significance: This is an example of the kind of test chart used by optometrists in the second half of the 20thC before they gave way to projector charts and then computer screen charts.
How Acquired: Donated by Tony Simon, NSW optometrist, son of Victor Simon, a prominent optometrist in NSW mid 20thC
Condition: Good
Location: Archive room. East wall slat board

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