Video of the 91st Annual Dinner of the Optometrists Association Victoria on the occasion of the award of honorary life membership to Professor Barry Cole

Video /
Optometrists Association Victoria
Time Period: 21st C
(Cat no. 1877 )

The clinical procedure of fitting haptic lenses

Video /
Author: STRACHAN, John Phillip Frith
Late 1960s
John Strachan
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
(Cat no. 2045 )

In conversation with Professor Noel Brennan and Professor Bruce Evans

Video /
Corporation: Cooper Vision Inc
Cooper Vision Inc CooperVisionTV.co
Time Period: 21st C
(Cat no. 2096 )

Quantum Episode: The Ageing Eye

Video / Research records
Corporation: Australian Broadcasting Commission
Australian Broadcasting Commission
Time Period: 1940 to 1999
(Cat no. 2590 )

Tribute to Dr Brien Holden (mpeg-4 movie)

Video /
American Academy of Optometry
Time Period: 21st C
(Cat no. 2710 )

Video introduction of Professor Erica Fletcher PhD, MScOptom, FAAO winner of the 2016 Glenn A Fry Award

Video /
Corporation: Midnight Media Group
Midnight Media Group
Time Period: 21st C
(Cat no. 3172 )

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